Noun: me

Adjective: Outstanding or remarkable in a particular capacity.

I post a lot about social justice issues, crafts I have made, and nerdy endeavors.




I just realized that I can be using my Employee Discount Powers for good! I work at a thrift store and can get all sorts of cool clothes super cheap half off on top of the thrifty prices. For example, I can get shirts for as little as two to four bucks a piece,…

housing crisis 2014! woo! I need a place to live/crash


Hey y’all. I need to find a new place to live.

I’m a queer afab nonbinary person seeking housing near BART to move into on May 1st in either Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, or SF. Can afford up to $600 monthly. I am fine with living in a tiny room, so that basement, garage,…

Here’s a thought: if YOU don’t want to take meds for mental illness, great! That’s fine! But don’t be an ass to people who do. Claiming your choice to not take meds is superior, or universally better, or shaming folks who do take meds, that’s you being an ass.

"Instead of taking a pill, take a walk!" Taking a walk ain’t gonna fix my brain chemistry, you ass.

Until you find me an herb or yoga pose that does the same thing for me as Zoloft, shut your fucking mouth.

heyheyhey, anybody wanna go camping at Mt. Diablo this Saturday? I have a tent and all supplies and will pay the camping fee.